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The Outsourced CFO

Systemise, Structure and Scale Your Business

Business owners are experts at developing ideas they can sell, but don’t always have the financial expertise to systemise, structure and scale a business.

With a lot on their plate and resources sometimes stretched, staff headaches, avoidable cashflow challenges and missing out on key growth opportunities can result.

As business owners, there’s a lot coming at you everyday. An experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can help navigate the information overload leading to better decisions, less headaches and more growth.

Is this you?

  • Staff headaches?
  • Cashflow challenges?
  • No experienced ‘sounding board’ to discuss key decisions with?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these, we can help you work out what’s happening, why it’s happening…and what to do about it.


We help businesses with 20 – 200 employees improve their accounting and reporting structures, plan strategically and help solve day to day business challenges.

Working closely with external accountants while overseeing, managing and contributing to the development of small finance teams and internal expertise, we also sit on client executive teams and advisory boards.

Contributing to the strategic planning process, our clients value our expertise in;

  • Aligning staff with financial objectives
  • Optimising cashflow
  • Financial reporting to identify the right decisions


Brian Doughty is the Principal of The Outsourced CFO and a Chartered Accountant, holding an MBA from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

As a finance leader with over 20 years’ experience serving on executive teams as the organisations’ CFO and leading large finance teams, Brian’s unique experience covers both large corporates and SME’s including Divisional CFO for 12 years with the Toll Group and CFO for the publicly listed JCurve Solutions.

Brian founded The Outsourced CFO so small to medium sized businesses could access the same level of commercial financial expertise normally reserved for larger businesses, at a fraction of the cost. Helping systematise, structure and scale businesses, Brian thrives on seeing businesses improve returns and drive growth.