About Freedom Wheels

Freedom Wheels are custom bikes for kids and adults living with a disability.

Our occupational therapists assess children and adults with a disability which will involves measuring their height and weight and assessing their cognitive and physical abilities. Our occupational therapist will then design a custom bike that will enable children and adults to ride a bike sometimes for the first time in their lives. Their Freedom Wheels bikes will be fitted with specially made bike supports custom to their physical and cognitive abilities thus enabling them to achieve their functional goals. It is our aim to provide children and adults with a disability, who often use a wheelchair or a walker, with a fun and safe recreational activity in which they can participate in so that they too have the chance to ride a bike alongside their siblings or friends.

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A decade ago, 52-year-old Marta suffered a major stroke which resulted in expressive dysphasia, right side deficits and poor balance and concentration.

Paul, her husband, and Marta made it their mission to find a solution that would ensure Marta can keep active, get outside and still enjoy the things that she loved to do.

“Marta has freedom. I was so excited to see her riding again. Before she started riding and training, she was always in bed but now she’s active, physical and happy,” said Paul.

With Marta’s new love for her bike, she can now go on rides with her husband down to the local park or shops, spending more quality time together.


6-year-old James can now cycle for the very first time. 'James is Autistic, has ADHD and has a very rare genetic condition which impacts his ability to ride a bike' – Mum Natalia

'He wants to do everything a typical child wants to do and he's got so many different challenges that make it really hard. He loves being outside and wants to be active, he loves being active and it's really hard when your body isn't doing the stuff that you want it to do. He's wanted to ride a bike for so long and it's been really hard to watch him watch everybody else do something that he just can't do. This Freedom Wheels will change his life dramatically.' - Natalia, James' mum.

Charlie & Zara

Charlie, 6 and Zara, 4 years old both live with Ataxia Telangiectasia (A-T) an incurable progressive condition that combines the worst symptoms of muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis and has a high rate of cancer.

Being able to ride a bike is something most of us take for granted and we are so thankful for the joy that it has brought to Charlie and Zara, we would love to see other children have the opportunity to enjoy this experience also.

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