Meet Evan

Hi I’m Evan

I’m 7-years-old and have a diagnosis of hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which means my legs hurt after I walk or run, my tummy hurts, my necks hurts, and I get headaches. My back hurts, I get tired, and I wear special braces that help my legs to not get as sore. My wheelchair helps me to go places so I don’t have to walk as far.

Mum Emily says, ‘Evan has hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which causes pain and fatigue throughout his body, breathing issues, joint dislocations and subluxations, hearing loss and digestive issues amongst other things. Evan has a big sparkling personality in a small body and despite the huge challenges he faces daily, he continually amazes us with his perseverance and cheeky sense of humour. He loves everything that 7-year-old boys love: cars, Lego, trains, and he wants to be a famous YouTuber when he grows up’.

I like my Freedom Wheels bike because people are surprised about me because I have a big bike and they have a small bike and I’m not a big kid but I still have a bigger bike than them. My bike is special because it has special training wheels, and it helps me to ride for longer and further and faster and I don’t get very sore on it. It has a rainbow on the wheels and my favourite colour is rainbow. I ride my bike at the park and when I go on holidays, and even down the hill. I ride with Mum and Dad and my brothers, and my best friend Harvey and my cousin Fred.

Last year, I rode a long way on my special bike so that other kids could get a bike just like me, and I raised enough money to buy another kid a bike! This time I’m going to ride even further and make more videos and try to buy another bike for a kid like me. I like doing Ready Set Move because I get to ride my bike lots and make videos and last time, I got to be famous in the newspaper and show all of my friends at school. The kids at school didn’t believe I’m in the newspaper because it’s an olden day’s newspaper. I love my new T-shirt too. My Mum helps me raise money for other kids to get a bike like me.