Meet Eloise

"Watch Out World, Here I Come!"

“Eloise is incredibly strong and determined. She’s got that type of personality that people are drawn to,” said mum, Nichole.

10-year-old Eloise is a competitive, bright girl who loves to take on new adventures. Eloise enjoys tap and ballet dancing, loves playing hockey and enjoys running where she has participated in state-level competition in long-distance runs.

“She’s become an extraordinary advocate for herself and for people living with a disability. If there is something she wants to do and it’s not offered to the multi-class category, she will question it and ask why she can’t do it. She likes to take on new opportunities when presented to her. She’s so understanding and grateful for these opportunities too,” said mum, Nichole. “It’s quite amazing to watch her like this!”

Eloise is living with an acquired brain injury resulting in cerebral palsy, vision impairment, epilepsy and a mild intellectual disability.

“As these all have their subcategories, it does affect her in different ways. For example, she does get neuropathic pain sometimes or weakness in her body. Even though her lower body was strong, the pedals were still too hard for her to push.”

“Seeing Eloise on the bike, I was in tears. She was so excited and didn’t want to get off. She kept yelling out, “Look, I can finally ride a bike mum! I can do it. Watch out world, here I come!” She knew from there how certain she was that she wanted this bike. She was ready to take on the world!”