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We're taking part in the Ready, Set, Move challenge and raising funds so kids and adults living with a disability can experience freedom of movement through cycling. 

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Sydney Truck Electrical

Keep smashing your goals you little champion


Andrew Nigro

Go Zach!!


Anna Pagano

Go Zac!


Scotto Manx

1st place winnings from work tipping comp. Thanks St Joseph's Enfield. Now just gotta chase up a few late payments. Lol All the best


Dovico Family

Go Zac! It’s truely inspirational to see you riding your bike! Well done little champion.


Ian & Angela Cicciari

Go Zac, we are behind you...we know you can do it. Your nonna and nonno Cicc.


David & Linda Quattromani

go Zach..... your a legend... love you little buddy :)


Ian Cicciari

Go Zac go!


Sonia Spatino

Go Zac, you are a little legend!


Sandra Pullen

Go Zac and Mia! So proud of you both ❤❤


Sarah K

Well done to you all 🦸🏻‍♂️🦸‍♀️


David Valeo

Go Zach!! 💪🏽💪🏽


Matthew Nigro


Claudia, Sarah And Daniel Cicciari

Your cousins love you xxx😘😘😘 Couldn't sleep with it so close to $3 000 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗


Mireille Mills

Go Zac! So proud! You are truly an inspiration.


John Cimini

Go Zac you little champ


Claudia Elias

Best of luck team!!!


Casa Sgroi 2.0

Great work guys, I'm sure you will smash it out of the park as you always do!!


Age, Cat And Jp

We love you Zac and are always so proud of you!


Carol And Ross Cicciari

Good luck Super Zac!!!


The Iannelli Family

Go Zac! You are amazing at everything you do. We are behind you all the way. Love you from Zio, Zia and your cousins xx


Marie Screnci

Well done Zac!! 💪🏼


Tania Musumeci

Go Zac!


Jo & Jason

So proud of you guys 🧡 absolute legends


Chantrey Family

Good luck guys!


Dng Property Maintenance

An amazing cause for an amazing boy! We love you Zac ! Love Genevieve & Damien


Va And Alicia

Go Zac, we are so excited for you! You can do it!!



All the best Zac ❤️


Silvia Pasa

Go Zac...


Chrissie Tsaconas

Go Zac! Xx


Inken Lyell

Cool bike 🚲😃! Go Zack 👏


Raina O’neill Fox

Team Zac! 👏🏾


Angie And Carmelo

Go zac !!!


Karen Cleary

Sending blessings Carmela, my ol' work colleague and friend and sending love to your brave boy. Hugs, Karen Cleary xo


Soares Family


Laurice Potter

Good luck Zac! Good luck to all of you! Much love xx



Go Zac! You are an inspiration! 😁



Go team Go!!


Caitlin Tuttle

Keep smashing those goals Zac! And it’s so great to see Mia right there beside you all the way through! Xo


Chelsea Briggs

Go Zac!!!




Rose Cantarella

Great effort Team Zac!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Gina P

Go Zac !


Natalina Pante Abramsohn

Go Team Zac!!!!! 👏❣️


Amanda And The Fam X

Go Zac and Mia!! 💪


Shoshana And Crew

Go Zac and Mia

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