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I'm taking part in the Ready, Set, Move challenge and raising funds so kids and adults living with a disability can experience freedom of movement through cycling. 

Will you help me reach my goal and change lives by donating to my page?

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Wednesday 23rd Nov
Going great with squats each day and definitely feeling the burn, lol

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kristene Park

Love ur move, Angie!! Go Angie!! :)


Phoebe Bennett

Absolutely killing it mum, so proud of you XXX


Naomi Devorah Tancred

Go Ange!! Well done.



You go girl - we will help you every morning !!


Laura Hawthorn

Proud of you Ang, you're going to smash it!


Christopher Caccamo



You Go Girl, you've got this. love Mum.


Ashlee Mercer

Great work Angie !!!!!! Get those buns burning !!!!!


Candice Perry

Go Angie!


Talana Kilroy


Margaret Yan

GO! GO, Angie.


Daniel May

Smashing it Angie!!


Danielle Said

Squat away!!!


Jenai Lawrance

Proud of you Ang!


Katie Arnold

Great work

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