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Freedom of mobility is an important part of every person's life. But for many people with disabilities, their mobility and freedom can be severely limited.

Solve-TAD's Freedom Wheels program helps both children and adults with disabilities to regain their freedom through riding a bicycle - sometimes for the first time in their lives!

If you're able, please support this cause by making a donation, sharing the link, and/or cheering me on as I walk my way to 600,000 steps in the month of November!

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Day 30: Made it!

Wednesday 30th Nov
I made it to 900,000 steps! With even a little to spare. Thanks for all your support and encouragement along the way - this was a lot more fun than I thought it'd be!

Day 29: It's the final countdown!

Tuesday 29th Nov
*off-key kazoo* With two days left, and my step total currently sitting at 839,361, I'm wondering if I can round out the November with a cool 900,000. Not gonna lie, it could be tough. I've already worn holes in the bottom of most of my favourite socks, and my legs and feet are looking forward to a rest and some well-deserved home-style pampering! But it's for a great cause, so I will persist. If you can spare a donation, I'd really love your support - it really does help provide the extra motivation to keep on stepping!

Day 21: Challenge complete!

Monday 21st Nov
Today I passed my 600,000-step target, with nine days left in November. What should I do now - rest, or keep going?

Day 17: Behind the scenes

Thursday 17th Nov
A few people have asked me where I walk to be able to get so many steps. The truth is, I get most of my steps doing laps of my living/dining room. The figure-8 route helps me avoid getting dizzy, and it means I can squeeze in some steps at all times of the day, no matter the weather. :)

Day 13: A new personal best

Sunday 13th Nov
According to my Fitbit, this is the most steps I've ever done in a single day (and probably the most I've done in a single week, too). I have the blisters to show for it!

Day 11: Whoa, we're half way there

Friday 11th Nov
Whoa-oh! Lemon on a pear! 🍋🍐 With a big push today I manage to reach and exceed the 300,000-step half-way point. In theory, it's all downhill from here! (In practice, I'm doing laps of the inside of my house so it's pretty flat either way.) If I keep up this rate I'll hit my step goal with more than a week to spare - how many extra steps do you think I'll get?

Day 7: A short rest

Tuesday 8th Nov
When you've already done 20,000 steps for the day...

Day 6: Best day so far

Sunday 6th Nov
Weekends are great for having time to walk! I managed to smash out almost 32,000 steps today. So far, I've built up almost two days worth of extra steps, which will give me a nice buffer if I need to slow down later in the month. But can I keep up this rate?

Day 1: A strong start

Tuesday 1st Nov
I think I'm off to a strong start, with just over 10,000 steps this morning before work.

Training underway

Monday 24th Oct
According to my fitbit, I averaged just over 19,000 steps per day last week. That's pretty close to the 20,000 steps per day I'll need to achieve my 600,000-step target in November, but I think my biggest challenge will be sustaining it throughout the entire month.

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Alfred Bongi

Wish you and your fundraising every success.



That's a lot of steps! Good luck and congratulations in advance!



Inspirational work, Felicity. Love your dedication.


Ronnie Cheng

Great cause Felicity! happy stepping!


Peter Tugby

Great work Felicity!


Craig Moorfoot

This is awesome. Good luck with your challenge Felicity.


Kate Giess

Get em gf!! So impressed by your dedication.


Min Kim

Such a wonderful commitment, Felicity.


Mick Robinson


Tom P

You could walk to Mordor and back in time for twosies at the rate you're going. Well done, Felicity!


Anna Li


Anita Yip

Keep up the steps! :-)

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