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I'm taking part in the Ready, Set, Move challenge and raising funds so kids and adults living with a disability can experience freedom of movement through cycling. 

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Todays Skate - first one after 2 years of no skating

Monday 1st Nov
Today I set a goal of skating for 2kms.  I had an hour and a half allocated to this task.  First step was to find my skates.  There they were in a skating bag covered in dust at the back of the store room.  I fished them out and did some preliminary maintenance.  So many tools !  Then I packed a backpack with all the accessories - full armour would be required - I was feeling nervous.  I set off on foot to a nearby park where I thought the paths would be smooth. 

I plonked myself down and took a drink of water.  All my gear was on and I set off.  My legs were shaking like a leaf.  I felt a sense of dread, and slightly sick.  Some dog walkers wisely shuffled their dogs away from my ineptitude.  It soon became apparent that slight hills were a lot harder to ascend than I remembered.  I got to the road.  I was doing well ! I tippy toed my way towards the intersection planning on crossing.  It was at this point that my hat flew off and was crushed beneath a car wheel, and I fell over.  I crawled off the road and decided I didn't really need to cross anyway.  I heard that was for Chicken Folk anyway.  I headed back where I had come from.  The hill I mentioned before, seemed a lot steeper on the decent.  I tried to remember how to stop.  I did it !! And then I fell over again.  I did this a few more time (the falling over bit), before I started to relax and got some wind in my hair.  I started to really enjoy myself. I skated for 3kms.  My equipment saved me from injury.  This was a good day.  

Todays Skate - first one 3kms - fell over three times !

Monday 1st Nov

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