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Help me help you reach the fountain of youth!

Thank you for giving me your time by reading this. 

I'd like to remind you to spend time on your own wellness so that you can spend less time on illness. 

I feel very grateful to be born with a fully capable body. Not everybody is so lucky. 

My goal will be to walk and run 500km over the course of November. 

By supporting me you will also be helping Freedom Wheels give the simple joy of riding a bicycle to kids and adults with disabilities. 

Thank you! 

Roger Hua - CPM Strata 

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Road to November - September done and dusted!

Wednesday 30th Sep
During the month of August I moved 260km. I joined this challenge last week, and with 1 week of September left I set myself the goal to reach 300km in order start my journey off on the right foot. Next step - 400km in October!

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Roger Hua


Grace Chau

Run Forest Gump!


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I can still eat more than you



Run, walk or crawl. Just dont quit!


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See you in Azeroth


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Mr Burns: "Excellent"


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Good effort


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Good luck!


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Run Bitch!



Good luck Roger


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Great initiative, Roger and for a great cause! All the best!


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You can do it! Good luck!


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Way to go Roger!


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What an amazing cause Roger, hope you kill it!


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never take the high road



Proud of you bro!


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Go roger!


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Vincent Lim